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Fiber and various yarns have always appealed to me. Every time I visit the yarn store, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can’t stop staring at the colorful hanks of fiber; I can’t wait to bring them home and see what I can make with them. I adore how the yarn store is set up with regard to wool textures and colors. They plead, threaten, and dare me to transform the vibrant skein into a unique handcrafted creation.


The 19th century saw the development of crochet, a skill derived from chain-stitch embroidery performed with a hook rather than a needle. In crocheting, the hook is used to create the texture of looped and interwoven thread chains without the need for a base material. Ireland first used  in the late 1840s as a means of hunger relief. The industry was centered around Cork in the south, and Clones in County Monaghan in the north.

Knit Like Meditation

Knit offers a peaceful distraction from the demands of everyday life, just like meditation does. Like meditation, it fosters introspection and inner peace via strengthening the connection to oneself. It’s about more than just creating clothing or accessories; it’s about the creative process, the therapeutic value of creativity, and the profound sense of calm that comes with every stitch. 


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They both are methods of creating fabric from yarn, but they differ in technique. Knitting involves using two needles to create loops of yarn, while crochet involves using a single hook to interlock loops of yarn.

The type of yarn you choose depends on your project and personal preference. Consider factors such as fiber content, weight, and texture. Our website offers guides to help you select the perfect yarn for your project.

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Knit designers play a vital role in inspiring and empowering knitters to express their creativity through their craft.



A knit product refers to any item or tool used in the craft of knitting. These products can range from basic necessities like yarn and needles to more specialized tools and accessories.


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