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Baby Blanket using 4 easy crochet steps

baby blanket

Baby blanket overview

  • WORKING TIME: 1 day
  • TOTAL TIME: 1 day
  • YIELD: 1 baby blanket
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

When you first start crocheting, you want a blanket that is quick and simple to make so you won’t have to wait weeks to see the outcome of your work. This is a quick and simple crochet project, in the context of crochet baby blankets. The single crochet and chain stitch are the only two fundamental crochet stitches used. Additionally, adding extra drape to the blanket and utilizing a larger-than-usual hook size expedites the process a little bit.

This design is suitable for novice crocheters as well as experienced crocheters looking for a quick and simple project to work on. It is straightforward enough for novices to follow. With its simple repeat and use of only basic crochet stitches, this is a fantastic crochet pattern for meditation. This is the kind of simple crochet baby blanket you can work on while sitting in traffic, in line, or while watching TV.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker


  • Bernat Softee baby yarn


Yarn Details

Bernat Softee baby yarn is suggested yarn for this project. “Light Worsted,” “DK,” or “Double Knitting” is the weight. This is useful to know if you wish to use a different yarn as a substitute; if you want to make a blanket with the same drape, look for the same weight. Having said that, you may use this pattern to make an easy crochet baby blanket with any weight yarn and any size hook.

Sizes of blankets: newborn, toddler, and preemie

Three sizes of crochet baby blankets are included in this pattern: preemie, newborn, and toddler. The lowest size is listed first in the instructions, with adjustments for greater sizes indicated in parenthesis.

The finished blanket will be somewhat larger if you choose to add a baby blanket edge, as the measurements listed do not include it.

  • Preemie: The tiniest blanket is roughly 34 inches length and 26 inches broad. Depending on how tight you crochet, two to three 5-oz skeins of Bernat Softee will be needed to finish this craft if you choose to crochet your blanket that way. You’ll need approximately 724 yards/662 meters for the blanket itself, plus an additional amount for your gauge swatch.
  • Receiving blanket/newborn: The blanket is 30 inches square and is sized medium. If you would want the blanket to be more rectangular in shape, you can make it a little bit longer. If so, try to get a 30″ x 34″. Depending on how tight you crochet, you will need two or three of the 5-oz balls of Bernat Softee for this size.
  • Toddler: The largest blanket is 36 by 44 inches in size. To crochet this size, you will need four 5-oz balls of Bernat Softee.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern

  • ch = chain
  • ch-1 sp = chain-1 space, the space formed when you crochet a chain stitch in the previous row
  • rep = repeat
  • sc = single crochet
  • st = stitch


  • Stitch gauge: 4 stitches = 1 inch when crocheting the stitch pattern as instructed below.
  • Row gauge: The row gauge is not important for this pattern.

Work in Gauge Swatch Crochet

Crochet a gauge swatch to check your gauge. Using the blanket design instructions, form a starting chain of 25 stitches and continue crocheting until your piece is square. Close out. To find out how many stitches you are crocheting each inch, measure your swatch. Check your gauge by comparing it to the one suggested in the design (above). Try again with a smaller crochet hook if you are not getting the recommended number of stitches per inch. Try using a larger hook the next time if you are crocheting more stitches each inch.

You need to swatch the fabric to ensure that the baby blanket is a usable size. If the gauge differs, you can finish your baby blanket at the incorrect size or run out of yarn before finishing the blanket.

Notes on Design
You are to crochet into the ch-1 gaps as directed in the design instructions. Carefully prod your finger at the row of stitches from back to front if you are having trouble finding these—sometimes they seem to disappear. Even if your eyes initially miss the gap, your hands will sense it.

How to Crochet a Baby Blanket

  1. Begin Row OneCh 105 (121, 145).  Remember, the instructions are for the small size (with the medium, large in the parenthesis). Place a stitch marker in the first ch from your hook. Sc in 3rd ch from hook. [ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch.] Rep across the entire row. ch 1, turn.
  2. Start on Row Two[sc in the next ch-1 sp, ch 1.] Rep the sequence in brackets across the rest of the row. At the end of the row, work a sc st into the st where you placed the marker; you can remove the marker before working the stitch. ch 1, turn.
  3. Continue Rows Three and UpThe rest of the rows are all exactly the same as row 2, with one minor difference: at the end of the row, work your last sc st into the turning chain of the previous row. Rep this row until the baby blanket reaches your desired length.

Apply the same method as for switching colors when switching to a fresh ball of yarn.

4. Complete Your Blanket
Once the length of the baby blanket is desired, cut the yarn, being sure to leave a minimum of six inches of excess. Use the tapestry needle to weave the loose yarn end into the blanket after threading it with the yarn end. Continue doing this with any more loose ends that might be dangling from the blanket (which happen when you move from one ball of yarn to another).

Although it’s not necessary, you are welcome to add an edging to this crochet pattern if you so choose. Baby blanket edgings come in a variety of styles. An easy option that complements the single crochet is to work the blanket’s edge in a basic single crochet stitch.

Beginners can also learn to make crochet scarf.

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