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How To Make Crochet Hearts In 5 Simple Steps

Crochet hearts
Crochet Hearts

Crochet Hearts

For crafters of all skill levels, crocheting a heart is a fun and satisfying hobby. From personalizing presents and home décor to making lovely keychains and accessories, this endearing and adaptable theme can be used in many different ways.

A crochet heart is a great project for beginners to practice fundamental stitches while creating something lovely and meaningful because of its quick and easy design.

More proficient crocheters can create distinctive and complex heart motifs by experimenting with different yarns, colors, and embellishments. A crocheted heart is a thoughtful and original way to express your concern, whether you’re making it for a particular event or just spreading a little love.

Crochet Hearts

Project Overview

Crocheting a heart is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby for crafters of all skill levels. This cute and flexible theme can be utilized in a variety of ways, from creating adorable keychains and accessories to customizing gifts and home décor.

Because of its quick and simple design, a crochet heart is an excellent project for beginners to master basic stitches while producing something beautiful and meaningful.

Skilled crocheters can work with various yarns, colors, and embellishments to create unique and intricate heart motifs. Whether you’re crocheting it for a special occasion or just to show a little affection, a crocheted heart is a kind and unique way to show your concern.

Crochet Hearts

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Crochet hook in the size that matches the yarn
  • Yarn or tapestry needle


  • 4 yard yarn


1. Use a ring to begin the crocheted heart

Begin by creating the foundation ring upon which the crochet is constructed. To form a ring, make a slip knot, chain stitch four times, then join with a slip stitch. Rotate your piece so that the slip knot is facing rearward.

Step 1: Crochet Hearts

2. Round 1: Work single crochet stitches

For the turning chain, chain one stitch, and then single crochet ten times into the ring’s center. Use slip stitch to join into the slip stitch you used to make the ring. Normally, you would join to the rotating chain, but by positioning the join differently, the heart indent is shaped. Eleven stitches should be used to complete the circle.

Step 2: Crochet Hearts

3. Round 2: Work Double Crochet and Half Double Crochet Stitches

Skip the turning chain and make your first double crochet into the first single crochet from round one.

  • Double crochet chain stitch 1 two times.
  • Half double crochet chain stitch 1 two times. [dc, ch 1] 2 times. [hdc, ch 1] 2 times.
  • Double crochet chain stitch 1.
  • Half double chain stitch 1 two times.
  • Double crochet chain stitch 1 two times.
  • Slip stitch in the last two stitches.

You should have 19 stitches around the circle, which will now look more like a heart.

Crochet Heart Round 2 - DC and HDC Stitches
Step 3: Crochet Hearts

4. Round 3: Work single crochet stitches

Work chain stitch 1 to create a turning chain. Chain stitch 1 in a single crochet eight times. On round two, work the single crochets into the stitches rather than the spaces left by the chain stitches. Before the double crochet chain stitch 1, single crochet 2 into the chain. Nine chain stitches in a single crochet. In the final stitch, slip stitch.

Step 4: Crochet Hearts

5. Finish the Crochet Heart

Cut the yarn, leaving about 6 inches. Secure the last stitch and weave in the ends with a yarn or tapestry needle. As you secure the yarn at the heart indent, weave the needle toward the indent, which helps complete the heart shape.

Weave In the Ends of the Yarn
Step 5: Crochet Hearts

Ways to Use Crochet Hearts

Once you make one crocheted heart, you’ll probably want to make many more. Here are a few ideas for what to do with the hearts:

  • Make a heart garland by attaching the hearts together on a string of chain stitch. As you make the chain, pass your hook through the back of a heart to connect it, then add more chain and more hearts.
  • Craft heart pins for friends and family. Simply stitch a pin back to the back of the heart. You may want to add a felt backing first.
  • Create crocheted heart cookies for make-believe play. Make one heart with tan yarn on a larger hook (or add an extra round of single crochet) to make it a little bigger. Then, make a second heart for the frosting. Stitch them together with colorful yarn “sprinkles.”
  • Stack a bunch of bigger crochet hearts together and tie the pile with a ribbon. You’ve now got the perfect gift of coasters or washcloths.
Crochet Hearts

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our examination of the charming crochet heart, it is imperative to recognize the plethora of ways in which this straightforward yet incredibly adaptable activity can enhance our personal and crafting endeavors. The crochet heart, which embodies both simplicity and the possibility for limitless creativity, is a monument to the beauty of handcrafted goods thanks to its small and approachable design.

The crochet heart’s adaptability to crafters of all skill levels is among its most alluring features. This project is a great way for new crocheters to get started with basic skills. Acquiring the skill of crocheting a heart offers a feasible approach to hone fundamental stitches like chain, slip, and single crochet. With each finished heart, novice crocheters can boost their confidence, improve their skills, and feel accomplished because to the rhythmic and repeated nature of these stitches. In addition, the project’s modest size allows for its prompt completion, which will satisfy the client right away and inspire them to take on larger, more difficult tasks in the future.

The crochet heart provides an excellent canvas for creativity and experimentation for more seasoned crocheters. Experienced crafters can make hearts that are totally unique by experimenting with different kinds, colors, and sizes of yarn. Beads, sequins, or embroidery are examples of embellishments that can be applied to improve the visual appeal and customize each piece. Because of its versatility, the crochet heart is a great project for anybody wishing to experiment with different crochet methods and push their creative limits.

The crochet heart has more meaning than only its artistic and technical qualities because it may express feelings and emotions. A handcrafted object like a crocheted heart conveys a deep message of love and care in a society when digital communication is often the norm. These adorable hearts can be used to commemorate a variety of events and landmarks, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings in addition to Valentine’s Day. In trying circumstances, a crocheted heart can also be a reassuring memento that provides consolation and a material memory of someone’s love and support.

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