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Finger Knitting Projects- 10 Amazing Ideas

Finger knitting

Without the need for needles, finger knitting is an easy way to knit for both adults and children. With these basic lessons, you can create a wide variety of finger knitting crafts!

The reason why there are so many kid-friendly tutorials for this technique is that it’s a simple method for kids to construct knitted objects. Adults shouldn’t disregard those endeavors, though. Dealing with various materials can often transform a “kid-craft” into something appropriate for all age groups.

A casual yet elegant style can be achieved with finger knitting by using chunky t-shirt yarn. To make your work a little tighter and fuller, you can also work with bulky luxury yarns or many strands of other high-quality yarns. Rope and wire can also be used for finger knitting.

After mastering the fundamentals of four-finger knitting, try your hand at these various projects and a few more.

1. Put a Finger Knitting Skip in Your Step

The book Knitting Without Needles was written by author Anne Weil, who also provides this cute creation from her book on the Hobby Craft website. You may construct a robust jump rope by using rope rather than yarn. It’s an ideal project for adults to make a gift or get some exercise, or for youngsters to manufacture an outside toy.

2. Braid a Finger-Knitted Necklace

A knitting technique called “i-cord” produces a chain that resembles finger knitting. Although i-cord is used in the original technique for this hefty braided necklace, you could make a truly striking necklace by using finger knitting instead. Normally, the two ways cannot be substituted, but in this instance, they can, which makes it an ideal source of inspiration for finger knitting.

3. Celebrate the Seasons With Finger Knit

Mollie Johanson of The Spruce Craft provides a delightful tutorial at Handmade Charlotte on how to construct a shamrock banner with finger knitting. Not only is it a creative approach to create seasonal decor, but the technique may also be used for other themes. They also demonstrate how to create a similar effect on a flamingo-shaped pillow using thinner cording.

4. Use Finger Knit as Texture

You can try this adorable finger knitting project by Kimberly from A Wonderful Thought either by yourself or with your children. She starts with a cute wooden bunny and demonstrates how to turn it into a textured piece of home décor. Finger knitting is a craft that may be done by children and attached to any desired shape.

5. Stay Snug and Cozy on a Finger-Knit Rug

Are you comfortable? Create a rug by coiling up several long pieces of finger knitting, or even just one long piece. Pip from Meet Me at Mikes demonstrates how much fun it can be to spruce up your home’s decor with a few quirky pompoms and an easy DIY project.

6. Finger Knit a Fun Necklace

These necklaces, made with colorful yarn and wooden beads, are an excellent way to introduce toddlers to finger knitting without overwhelming them with a big project. Sharing and wearing them with friends is also a lot of fun.

7. Create a Finger-Knit Basket

Home decorators often use knitted or crocheted baskets, and Imagine Childhood demonstrates how to create a similar effect with finger knitting. You may use regular finger knitting and either sew the edges into a tube or use your cording just as it is. In the instruction, they use a larger French knitting spool that makes a full tube.

8. Add Finger Knit to a Pillow

These chic pillows from Flax and Twine are a great example of how sometimes less really is more. Simple pillows look great when the edges are trimmed with chunky finger knitting that adds a punch of color, even in pastel shades. Place some of them on your preferred couch or chair.

9. Weave a Finger-Knit Bath Mat

How about merging two craft techniques into a novel and practical project? This bath mat is made by weaving lengths of finger knit together at the beginning. You could use t-shirt yarn to construct a rug for your kitchen, but working with it makes it soft and absorbent when you step out of the shower.

Chunky Woven Bath Mat DIY from A Beautiful Mess

10. Keep Your Neck Warm With Finger Knit

Making an infinity scarf out of layers of finger-knit chains is one of the simplest ways to use finger knit. While Hello Glow demonstrates one technique to make this accessory, you’ll likely find many more ways to style and personalize it as you work with a lengthy piece of finger knitting.

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