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Cozy Slipper Knitting: 12 Amazing Pattern

Slipper Knitting
Slipper Knitting

Putting on a pair of cozy slippers is a terrific way to keep your feet toasty and comfy throughout the year. While it is always possible to purchase a pair, knitting your own is far more fulfilling. These chic slipper knitting patterns are just what you need to pass the time this season while keeping your hands occupied and your feet toasty.

Moreover, hand-knit slippers are a wonderful gift, and a lot of the designs on this list can be completed in a single evening, which is perfect if you’re behind schedule with your holiday shopping. Some of these slippers are made flat and then sewed together, while others are more akin to knitting socks. Select the method and look that best fit your preferences and skills best before diving in.

1. Cozy Slipper Booties Pattern

Slipper Knitting

Look no farther than these contemporary mocs from BEKAHknits if you’re looking for slippers that are soft, cuddly, and adorable. Because it involves a few more challenging techniques, this pattern is best suited for intermediate or experienced knitters and comes in numerous sizes for men and women. This would be a nice pattern to aim for if you’re new to knitting.

2. Easy Knit Slippers Pattern

Slipper Knitting

With garter stitch and a few basic knitting techniques, you can knit these slippers. Knit a flat piece with some decreasing according to the free pattern, then sew up the heel. Use crochet for a useful touch that creates a playful contrast to finish up the top. Even though there is only one size included in this tutorial, you may easily change the length to suit your needs.

3. Basic Slipper Socks

Slipper Knitting

You’ll want to wear these casual slippers any time of year because of their ankle-sock style. Sam Lamb posts this pattern on her blog, but don’t forget to click the link to get a PDF version of it as well. This pattern, which uses just double-pointed needles, is suitable for knitters who are accustomed to sock knitting.

4. Foxy Slipper Knitting Pattern

Though they are traditional, these slippers are much cuter—they have a tail! This free pattern should be knit flat, sewn together, and then the individual ears and tail added. These will take some time, but to aid you in the process, the instruction includes some images of the more difficult parts.

5. Simple Slippers With Cables

Anita Gurimall Design, a designer, suggests constructing these cabled slippers as home shoes for visitors. In a few evenings, you can knit a pair, which you can then store at your door for guests.

6. Fluffy Bunny Slippers Pattern

Slipper Knitting

These rabbit slippers appear to be child-sized, but they are actually adult size! As you knit, you add more wool roving “thrums,” which give the heart-shaped flecks of color. They produce a playful pattern on the exterior and a plush interior that felts with time to give the slippers additional support.

7. Fair Isle Nordic Slippers

Slipper Knitting

These arctic starflower slippers are perfect for fans of Fair Isle knitting. Both the colorwork design and the overall aesthetic have a classic Nordic vibe to them. For a truly unique pair of slippers, knit them in the round, working from heel to toe.

8. Quick-Knit Felted Slippers Pattern

Slipper Knitting

Generally speaking, it is not a good thing when woolen knitted garments feel in the laundry. To feel the slippers, this pattern is purposefully started a little larger, making the finished product more robust and substantial. Look for the slightly less expensive original Duffers pattern if you only need one size of these slippers. If not, choose this complete version, which has three width options and six sizes.

9. Slipper Boots With Non-Slip Soles

In a flash, knit these comfortable boot slippers with thick yarn. This pattern is a little easier for novices because double-pointed needles are not required. Additionally, they have the option to add functional and entertaining non-slip padding to the bottoms.

10. Brioche Slippers for Men

The technique of brioche knitting produces a warm, thick textile that is frequently multicolored. Utilize this method to knit a vibrant blend of yarns to make these slippers. The slipper’s shape is straightforward, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining a beautiful stitch tension.

11. Slouchy Cuff Slippers Knitting Pattern

Slip into comfort with some sock-like slippers with a slouchy cuff. You can knit them on double-pointed needles or use the magic loop method. If you choose to use extra bulky yarn, you’ll have no trouble knitting these in a hurry.

12. Clog-Style Slippers Pattern

Slipper Knitting

Biscotte Yarns shares this free pattern for slippers in just about any size you can imagine. Ranging from 6 to 12 months all the way up to a men’s extra-large, this generous pattern is exactly what you need to make cozy footwear for the whole family.

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