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What’s the Right Crochet Hook for Beginners? And 3 Best Crochet Hook For Beginners

The bad news: There isn’t a single miracle crochet hook that can meet the demands of every novice crocheter.
The good news: You may choose the ideal beginner crochet hook from a wide variety of hooks by following these helpful guidelines!

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing a hook.

For this reason, it’s essential to experiment with a few different crochet hooks to determine which one works best for your stitches. After a period of crocheting, you may even find that, depending on the project, you prefer a variety of hooks.

However, all novices must begin somewhere, am I right? Let’s examine the best crochet hooks for novices and provide an overview of each so you can begin experimenting right away. Enjoy your sewing!

First Thing : Choose the right type of crochet hook.

As a beginner, you really want the most basic type of crochet hook, which means you want to avoid all of the specialty hooks out there, like the ones listed below.

Avoid: Tunisian crochet hooks

There are several kinds of crochet hooks, so keep that in mind while you’re searching for a new one. You may discover, for instance, extra-long crochet hooks, hooks with a plastic wire attached to the end, or hooks with double ends, like the ones below.

These speciality hooks are intended for use with the Tunisian crocheting method. Unless you are expressly working on a Tunisian crochet project, do not purchase these.

Avoid: Small steel crochet hooks

Additionally, you’ll notice tiny crochet hooks with a number size on them rather than a letter and a number. For instance, larger hooks are sized B-1, C-2, D-3, etc., whereas steel hooks are sized 0, 2, 4, and 6. If you’re only crocheting with yarn, avoid purchasing these tiny steel hooks as they are meant for crocheting thread (think doilies!).

Go for: The “regular” crochet hook

As a beginner, you’ll want to find the “regular” crochet hook, which is a medium size with a hook on just one end. Keep reading for more details!

Next, choose the right hook material

The variety of materials available to you—plastic, aluminum, bamboo, etc.—may overwhelm you. We have selected the best choice for you by reducing the number of options. You will ultimately discover the ideal hook for the task, even if it may require some trial and error!

Metal hooks

Use them : if you’re not prone to wrist pain and want a good general-use hook that lasts.

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The most popular and generally accessible crochet hooks are made of metal, such aluminum. Also, the hooks are quite sturdy.

other manufacturers include unique safeguards to prevent the metal from hurting their hands, but other crocheters find it to be uncomfortable. For example, the metal Clover Amour Crochet Hooks seen above include a rubber handle to make gripping them easier.

Plastic Hooks

Use them if: you don’t have budget or you feel strain in your wrists

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The most economical hooks are made of plastic, such as the Lion Brand Crochet Hook Set seen above, which makes them ideal for novices who aren’t ready to commit to a set of hooks just yet.

Additionally, because this material is lighter, the lighter hook will be beneficial if your wrist is prone to pain or tension. For example, if you have ever had carpal tunnel syndrome, try this hook.

Bamboo Hooks

Use them if: Your stitches keep slipping off other types of hooks

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Though they cost a little extra, bamboo hooks—like the Clover Takumi Bamboo Hooks seen above—have a good grip that prevents yarn from slipping. If you find that your yarn slides off metal or plastic hooks, a bamboo hook can be the answer.

Finally, you’ll need to choose the right size

The size of the hook you should use will be determined by the pattern, if you’re working with one. If you haven’t chosen a pattern yet, you can determine the appropriate hook size by consulting the yarn label.

Most beginners begin in the center, using a size H-8 (5mm) hook and worsted-weight yarn. This is a nice, intermediate size that will aid in your acclimation to the cadence of your crochet stitches. As you get more experience, you can experiment with both larger hooks and lighter yarns on smaller hooks.

As previously said, make sure you purchase the H-8 hook and not the size 8. For little steel hooks—which aren’t exactly beginner-friendly—the numbers-only sizes apply. To provide unambiguous labeling, the letter and number sizes should be visible on both the hook and the packing.

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